We all have phobias – some more severe than others. From spiders, to plane rides to the actual phobia of being late, phobias run deep. For many people, these phobias can cause a deep physical and psychological response that’s so overwhelming, it becomes debilitating. There are a broad range of phobias, but here are 10 usual and unusual phobias that are sure to grab your attention. Learn how one simple treatment can fix your phobias.

Decidophobia: The Fear of Making Decision

We all suffer from this every day. Which menu item to choose, which route to take to work, what color shirt to wear. But imagine how much harder it is to make everyday decisions when you are afraid of the concept to begin with!

Aviophobia: The Fear of Flying

This phobia is a bit more common and celebrities like Whoopi Goldberg, Sandra Bullock, and Muhammad Ali all suffer from it! They are not alone. Nearly 6.7% of the world’s population gets nausea and panic attacks from even thinking about upcoming travel plans that include air travel.

Trypophobia: The Fear of Holes

Believe it or not, this fear is growing in population. There has even been a social media craze of photos that play upon trypophobic tendencies. Just the sight or thought of holes can cause the sufferer to go into a panic attack! As a result, Trypophobes avoid coral, skin, meat, honeycomb, sponges and pretty much everything that has holes in it.

Gatophobia: The Fear of Cats

Some people are cat lovers, some have allergies to cats, and some flat out hate them. But for a few, cats are a debilitating phobia that require therapy.

Testophobia: The Fear of Taking Tests

This brings the pre-test jitters you get before a big exam to a whole new level. Testophobes are unable to get past the initial anxiety you get when you begin taking a test, resulting in full-blown panic attacks, and the inability to finish the test they started. With the pressures of school increasing, it’s not surprising that this phobia is on the rise.

Trypanophobia: The Fear of Injections

No shots, vaccines, IV’s, or tattoos for these folks! Trypanophobia affects about 10% of the population and causes the sufferer’s heart rate and blood pressure to drop and in some cases can even cause fainting. It can often cause trypanophobes to develop a more general fear of the doctor or dentist, so as to avoid injections of any kind.

Mysophobia: The Fear of Germs

Germs are everywhere making it difficult for a mysophobe to feel safe. This phobia is commonly associated with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder too.  On the upside, those who suffer from this phobia likely have the cleanest homes imaginable!

Melanophobia: The Fear of The Color Black

They say black is the absence of color, but people with melanophobia probably think of it more as the absence of a soul. Sufferers definitely don’t work in fashion either!

Pogonophobia: The Fear of Beards

Though beards are all the rage in Brooklyn, this is not the case for everyone. Hopefully, pogonophobes don’t have to also deal with xyrophobia, the fear or razors, or they’ll have quite the conundrum to deal with!

Acrophobia: The Fear of Heights

Dealing with this phobia is not for the city dweller by any means, especially if they live in a high-rise! Acrophobia can cause the sufferer to be afraid of anything that’s far from the ground, including being on a high floor in a building or even climbing a latter, depending on the severity of the phobia.

Odontophobia: The Fear of Teeth or Dental Surgery

This phobia makes going to the dentist the toughest of feats for the sufferer, especially considering the fact that nearly 70% of the adults in the US deal with some degree of dental fear. It is believed that this phobia stems from having a bad dental experience in the past or even from hearing about others bad dental experiences.

As Dr. Svetlana Kogan explains, “Medications are commonly thought to be the only way to give relief to patients with phobias. As it turns out, prescription medications are not the best answer. So, what is then?

Hypnotherapy is a perfect tool for getting rid of phobias because it brings the subconscious motives to patient’s awareness. Since most of our behavior and decision-making is based on what our subconscious mind thinks, hypnotherapy is the most effective therapy resulting in permanent relief from phobias.”