Abdominal Pain

Could be accounted for by the broad spectrum of conditions, ranging from severe inflammatory ones like appendicitis, which is a true medical emergency to a viral gastroenteritis, which could be addressed with a proper diet and hydration.  Abdominal pain symptoms could be easily misinterpreted if you rely solely on algorithms found on the Internet.  I recommend consulting with your physician regarding you abdominal discomfort if it lasts for more than a day or is accompanied by other symptoms like fever, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea.

I also see many patients with Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) for whom the impaired mind-body connection has often been overlooked.  Stress is often the driving force behind inflammation of the bowel and it has be addressed on both conscious and subconscious levels.  This is the most challenging part of my job – to be able to figure out the triggers which prompt the patient to get their IBS symptoms and to create a unique healing regimen, taking into consideration a given patient’s cultural beliefs, habits, and working lifestyle.


There are many different types of acne but all of them are bothersome and unsightly.  I strongly oppose a prescription-based approach to acne, which often involves the use of antibiotics and retinoid-based compounds.  In my opinion, this outdated protocol, which is unfortunately still practiced by most dermatologists out there, can be outright dangerous for your future health.  Retinoid-based compounds can cause future birth defects in your kids, and the prolonged use of antibiotics has recently been linked to an increased risk of breast cancer in women who took antibiotics as young adults.

I see acne as an expression of the internal derangement, and the acne outbreak is just the language of the body bringing this problem to our attention.  My approach is integrative: a holistic analysis of the lifestyle and a diet accompanied by blood work, stool analysis, and energy assessment.  My integrative approach to acne treatment included a complete lifestyle change, and may be augmented by herbal remedies, detoxification, and energy treatment.

Acid Reflux

Has always been addressed with the band-aid kind of an approach, involving long-term prescription medication, by the mainstream “evidence-based” medical establishment.  This approach really bothers me and many freethinking proactive patients, who refuse to be dependent on chronic use of prescription drugs in order to cure their disease.  In my opinion, GERD or gastro-esophageal acid reflux disease is always a mind-body problem, which needs an integrative approach.

This would include a revamping of diet, lifestyle, detoxification regimens, herbal remedies, and energy treatments.  Often we get tempted by the quick fix, which the pharmaceutical companies are offering to us, instead of a soul-searching kind of revamping of our mind-body axis, which takes time, and demands a commitment.  But don’t be fooled: a quick-fix comes at a price, and that is a handful of side effects, like osteoporosis, fatigue, urinary symptoms, and body aches.




I am a huge fan of testing for allergies to foods.  My favorite clinical example of how liberating this can be is a young lady patient of mine who suffered from this mysterious on and off eczema, which responded to steroid creams.  However, the patient did not want to use steroids and came to me for the holistic/integrative approach to her eczema.  In her case, the solution was so easy: she tested positive for a strong sensitivity to radicchio and endive, both of which she used generously in her daily salads.  Eliminating the two ingredients, coupled with a strengthening of her mind-body connection and de-stressing techniques led to a complete resolution of my patient’s eczema in just two weeks.

I am not saying that testing for allergies is a panacea, but it can be extremely enlightening in clinical workups of mysterious cases of asthma, rashes, eczemas and chronic fatigue syndrome, as well as many digestive disorders.

Alopecia/ Hair Loss

While there is no cure for the genetically transmitted alopecia areata ( a circular patchy boldness type, which occurs in both men and women), most of the cases of hair loss, especially those in females, have a cause and can be resolved naturally.  The approach to hair loss is always integrative, taking into consideration the vitamin and mineral state of the particular client, his or her dietary habits, lifestyle, and energetic state.  I believe that correcting the Mind-Body axis contributes over ninety percent of the foundation necessary for the healthy, lustrous and strong hair.

Mindlessly taking over the counter vitamins and supplements for hair loss can be dangerous and is almost always futile.  By the time, the patients has spent thousands of dollars on expensive hair shampoos and treatments, balsams and supplements, they sense that the real issue is not being addressed by this cookie-cutter approach.  This is typically when they come to me for an integrative checkup and, together, we look for the “weak llink” in their Mind-Body axis which is compromising the health of their hair.


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder has been over-diagnosed in our society, as a result of the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry taking advantage of the addictive nature of the medications traditionally used in ADHD treatment.  The prevalence of ADHD is also raised exponentially by the prolonged exposure to computers, cell-phones, TVs, and other electric devices, each of which emits a strong electromagnetic field, throwing off our own inherent biological fields.  My approach to ADHD has two parts.  First we wean the patient off their prescription medication and replace their pill-taking with strong and positive coping mechanisms reinforced by medical hypnosis.

Next, we use customized nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle modification, accompanied by periodic herbal and homeopathic remedies, and energy treatments , to bring the patient’s attention and focus to their highest potential.  This journey does not take place overnight, but the results are medication-free and they last for a lifetime.


Can be a sign of a serious disease.  Every anemia should be evaluated by the qualified primary care physician, and in some cases, should be referred to a hematology specialist.  Anemia (low hemoglobin and or hematocrit in the blood) can arise for many reasons.  Sometimes, it can result from the deficiency of iron in the body.  This could happen due to heavy menstrual periods in females, but it could also happen due to a constant microscopic (invisible) bleeding from rectum, due to a cancerous or inflammatory bowel disease.

Some other types of anemia can result from deficiency of vitamin B12 or folic acid.  I routinely check my vegan patients for this disorder, as it can also lead to fatigue and neurologic illness, such as a neuropathic pain for example.  Some patients have ample amount of vitamin B12 in their diet, but are unable to absorb it from the highly specialized place in the gut called terminal ileum.  These patients will usually come in for monthly vitamin B12 injections, so that they don’t have to be depended on the intestinal absorption of this vital nutrient.

I have really just scratched the surface here, describing anemia.  The truth is  that every case of anemia is different and it should be evaluated by your doctor.

Ankle Pain

Is very common ad not just in athletes but in most active individuals, and also in those patients who have scoliosis and shift the weight of their body towards one side.  It is also very common in heel-wearing females.  I typically assess for fractures and ruptured ligaments, and if there are none of the above, I work in tandem with the board-certified podiatrist or orthopedic surgeon to address the issues of inflammation and weight bearing distribution.  Physical therapy is often prescribed as are inserts for the shoes.  I used herbal remedies for putting out the inflammatory fire, instead of using non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications.  The latter could raise the blood pressure or lead to stomach or kidney disease, when used frequently.  Remember: holistic approach to wellness takes time.  Improvement does not take place overnight, like with the prescription drugs, but the result is a medication-free you and these results last for a lifetime.


Atherosclerotic Heart Disease

So much has been written in the media and print on this subject and we all know that heart disease is the leading killer, which can be largely prevented and stopped in its tracks.  Using the prescription medication is the very last resort for me.  Only if everything else fail would I ever propose a prescription medication to my patients.  However, there are plenty of people out there who choose prescription medication as their first-line therapy, and I have to respect their freely made decision.  So, during the visits here, we always explore a particular patient’s philosophy about treatments.  Would they agree to a radical change in their diet? Lifestyle?  Would they be amenable to weight loss if necessary?  If someone wants


Who has not felt anxious at one point or another?  We are all familiar with that unsettling feeling.  But for some people anxiety can be quite crippling.  It can keep certain stress hormones, like cortisol, constantly elevated, eventually resulting in hypertension, diabetes, auto-immune diseases, and even heart attacks.

During our integrative physicals, we look at the physiologic causes of anxiety and also assess the social and emotional triggers.  To heal anxiety or even its most severe expression – panic attacks, we address the energetic body composition of the client, using ancient Ayurvedic principles fused with the Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency (PEMF) Biofeedback diagnostics.  We then compose a unique customized solution for every client, which often consists of medical hypnosis and PEMF biofeedback treatments, herbal remedies, dietary changes and lifestyle modifications.


Arthritus comes in many “flavors”.  It can be of an inflammatory character, of which Rhematoid Arthritis is a common example.  Arhtritis can also be rooted in an infectious cause.  A common illustration of this is a Lyme-disease associated arthritis.   Most often, however, arthritis results from an age or activity related “wear and tear” of the joints.  This commonly falls into the category of Osteoarthritis.  Often, a patient if referred by another patient of mine or a colleague, and this person has been trough an extensive medical evaluation and treatment.  Such patients have often experienced multiple side-effects from the toxic medications used in the conventional medical treatments of arthritis, and are seeking alternative healing methods from me.

Patients come to me because they do not wish to continue taking toxic steroids and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAIDs) drugs commonly prescribed by the mainstream medical doctors.  Together, we explore the inflammatory triggers, environmental, dietary, and psychosocial.  We using a healing regimen, which often includes Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields Biofeedback (PEMF), Hypnosis for pain management, herbal anti-inflammatory and detoxifying remedies, anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle modifications.


Is extremely prevalent in today’s children and adult population.  If you ask your grandparents: how many asthmatic they personally knew when they were growing up, the answer will commonly be: “None”.  Today, due to environmental and food pollution, each and every one of us personally knows people suffering from asthma.  In order to avoid getting stuck on steroids and bronchodilators, which are the core of the mainstream medical treatments out there, we must think holistic.   Most asthma cases can be controlled and prevented with an integrative approach.

My personal protocols are uniquely formulated based on every patient’s physical (western) and energetic (eastern) assessments.  I use targeted breathing exercises, diet, physical exercise, herbal detoxification and anti-inflammatory remedies, Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) Biofeedback and Medical Hypnosis to achieve healthy outcomes with my clients.  Asthma can be treated naturally, but it takes a commitment and a lifestyle change from a patient, guided by an experienced integrative physician.

Athletic Performance

Many athletes, both amateur and professional, come to me asking for a natural key to a personal performance improvement.  I use medical hypnosis to prepare the client’s subconscious for setting personal goals and expectations, and to build a sound Mind-Body continuity.  In this treatment model, a patient himself or herself becomes a source of infinite power and inspiration to attain their performance goals.  No drugs necessary.  Some patients, depending on their biochemical constitution may require a brief support from herbal remedies or supplements.  In addition, ‘you are what you eat’ mantra is reinforced as part of the holistic treatment, and we go over the dos and the don’ts of proper nutrition.

Autoimmune Diseases

Common example of autoimmune diseases which I get referrals for are Lupus (SLE), Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, and Multiple Sclerosis.  Most people with autoimmune illnesses were born with genetic predisposition, which alone was not enough to make them sick.  It was a particular trigger, which has set the disease on its course.  For some patients, this trigger was stress-related.  For others it was environmental.  However, for the majority of clients with autoimmune disorders, it was the mixture of many triggers.

The only right way to address autoimmune diseases is to acknowledge the complexity of the triggers and to empower the patient with knowledge about their triggers, and with healing techniques to prevent it on the daily basis.  We often use medical hypnosis and Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) biofeedback, as well herbal remedies, and dietary and lifestyle modifications, to heal patients struck by the autoimmune illness.

Bacterial Overgrowth

Bacteria in the gut come in many “flavors”: the good and the bad guys.  When the ratio of thereof gets out of whack, a condition called ‘bacterial overgrowth’ sets in.  This typically happens in the small intestine part of the gut, where the absorption of the vital nutrients from the food we eat takes place.  The associated symptoms can be: bloating, increased gas, abdominal pressure or pain, diarrhea, or fatigue from the resulting malnutrition.   Bacterial overgrowth is accompanied by localized inflammation, and is often linked with the weakened immune system.

We use an integrative approach to bacterial overgrowth, which combines a thorough analysis of the stool and the blood work with the dietary, lifestyle, and stress assessment, as well as testing for environmental triggers.  I am absolutely opposed to using antibiotics and invasive procedure for treatment of bacterial overgrowth.  As bacteria is mostly feeding on sugars to build their cellular walls, dietary modification is of the essence.  Ironically, the positive side effect of avoiding bad carbs is actually promoting a healthy weight loss in those who need it.

Back Pain

Is a generic description of various types of pain along the spine, whether it be in the upper of lower region of the vertebral column.  Back pain cases are generally divided into acute and chronic, because the approach is usually different to either.  The Acute Back pain commonly results from muscle spasm and we treat it holistically with herbal remedies and pastes, Acupuncture and Massage Therapy.  The Chronic Back pain is often a result of the herniated disc compressing the exiting nerve, resulting in sciatic type pain or a disc disease, in which the vertebral column becomes rigid due to a collapse of the vertebrae and the resultant nerve compression.

In the Chronic Back Pain scenario, it is very important to revamp a patient’s lifestyle, including their workplace, their standing and walking posture, the type of exercise they engage in, and the coping mechanisms they use to relieve the pain.  We often use Medical Hypnosis, Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) Biofeedback, herbal remedies pastes, and teas and Massage Therapy alone or in conjunction with Acupuncture, to reverse and prevent cases of Chronic Back Pain.


Can often be the result of many gut syndromes, including but not limited to Bacterial Overgrowth, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Celiac Disease, Gluten Sensitivity, Indigestion, and Leaky Gut Syndrome.  Bloatedness can be very disconcerting to both men and women of any age, and I often get referrals of bloated patients who refuse to be treated with the cookie-cutter approach of conventional toxic medications which, as we well know, do not address the root of the problem.

To really identify and heal the unique causes underlying our patients’ bloating symptoms, we use an integrative approach, in which we fuse the best of what western medicine with its testing and eastern medicine with its acknowledgement of energy and mind-body states contribute.

Our healing approach is unique for every patient, but may often include dietary modifications, Ayurvedic Herbal remedies, Medical Hypnosis and Biofeedback, and lifestyle changes, as well as Massage Therapy, and custom-tailored exercise regimen.

Brain Fogginess

Is often clear sign of the Mind-Body disconnect.  The mainstream medical establishment erroneously chooses to treat this and many other similar complaints with toxic and addictive medications, ranging from excitatory substances like Provigil to stimulating substances like Adderall and similar amphetamines.  However there are so many complications and side effects related to the chronic use of these medications that more and more intelligent people are awakened to the realization that they do not want to be enslaved to the Big Pharma but wish to become empowered with Mind-Body strengthening and healing techniques to address brain fogginess at its core.

We use integrative approach in assessing brain fogginess, which fuses the best of what Western Medicine has provide in terms of diagnosis, with the best of what Eastern Medicine can provide in terms of diagnosis and treatment.  Every holistic protocol is uniquely tailored to a particular patient’s needs but we often use Medical Hypnosis, Meditative Visualization, Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF), Ayurvedic Herval remedies, organic vegan supplements and detoxifications, Massage Therapy and Acupuncture.  The goal is to get the patient fully independent of any doctor and any medication.


Cardiovascular Disorders


Celiac Disease

Contrary to popular belief, the extreme gluten intolerance, which is called Celiac Disease, is relatively infrequent.  A full-blown Celiac disease is a serious auto-immune condition, which leads to impaired absorption of vital nutrients.  The resulting symptoms are often bloatedness, weight loss, anemia, abdominal discomfort, chronic diarrhea, fatigue , and irritability.  Most patients who are referred for a presumed Celiac Disease, wind up being diagnosed with the less extreme gluten sensitivity.  Now, Gluten is a protein found in certain grains, such as wheat, farina, faro, barley, and rye.  More commonly than not, a patient will have extensive testing for Celiac disease and wind up being diagnosed with gluten sensitivity, a condition which is easily manageable with dietary modifications.  Therefore, in my opinion, instead of using an expensive and often invasive workup of Celiac Disease for every presumed Celiac case, I only reserve it for those who do not respond to dietary modifications empirically used for the gluten sensitivity.

For more information on Celiac Disease and in order not to miss or misdiagnose other similarly presenting digestive disorders, please see a medical professional, experienced in the treatment of GI tract disorders, or an integrative internal medicine doctor specializing in holistic treatment of gut diseases.

Chest Pain

Can be a true medical emergency if it results from heart disease, clogged arteries, malfunctioning heart valves, irregularly beating heart, and many other cardio-pulmonary conditions.  If you are having a new onset chest pain which has never been worked up, please call 911 immediately or drop by the nearest emergency room, depending on the severity of your pain.  However, let’s say you have visited the emergency room and they found nothing wrong with your heart or lungs.  Let’s say the problem continued and your primary care doctor has referred you to a cardiology specialist who has done an extensive work up and still found nothing wrong with your heart.  Yet you continue to have bona fide chest pains, which can be quite disconcerting to both men and women.

In this case, I would recommend a thorough Integrative Assessment of your chest pain, using Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) biofeedback technology and Ayurvedic holistic diagnostics, to explore the mind-body syndromes and subtle inflammation and energetic imbalance, manifesting as chest pain.  Once the root of the problem is identified, we commonly use herbal remedies, salves, exercises, anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle modifications, as well as Acupuncture and Ayurvedic massage to heal and prevent these chest pains from taking place.


Chronic Disease


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

A conventional definition of CFS was adopted in 1988, which restricted this diagnosis to only those patients who would demonstrate at least six of the following symptoms or signs: mild fever or chills, sore throat, swollen and painful cervical lymph nodes, muscular discomfort, prolonged fatigue, headaches, diffuse joint aches without swelling or redness, neuropsychological issues (forgetfulness, excessive irritability, confusion, inability to focus), depression, sleep disturbances, general muscular weakness, and sudden onset of symptoms.  These symptoms are all too familiar to many Americans.

The frustrating thing to millions of people is that they feel drained all the time but do not fit the strict definition of the 1988 CFS convention.  These folks’ concerns are often overlooked by the mainstream physical exams.  However, I often get referrals for patients with non-specific fatigue, asking similar questions, such as:

  • Why do I feel tired most of the time even though I have been getting plenty of sleep?
  • How am I supposed to get out of bed every day and not feel foggy and depleted of energy?
  • How do I refrain from drinking over the counter stimulant beverages, and yet manage to fight the daytime sleepiness and yawning, and feeling of listlessness?

An Integrative Physical in my office fuses the best of what western and eastern medicines have to offer to address questions like these.  The western medicine is good at evaluating what is visible, touchable, and quantifiable from the blood tests, and other body fluids testing.  The eastern healing is great at evaluating the energetic imbalance a patient with chronic fatigue symptoms may be having, a Mind-Body disconnect that may be taking place.

To combat the existing fatigue and to prevent any future fatigue from setting in, we custom –tailor unique protocols to every patient’s needs.  We often use Medical Hypnosis, Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) Biofeedback, Ayurvedic herbal remedies, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, and organic vegan supplements if necessary.  Dietary and Lifestyle modifications will always remain the cornerstones for self-healing empowerment which we teach to all of our patients.

Cigarette Addiction

I will not be wasting this space to tell you what you already know about smoking – that is how dangerous it is for your health and for the health of your loved ones.  You have heard all this ad nauseam.  It is time for action!  We use medical hypnosis for smoking cessation because it is extremely effective and safe for the patients.  For most patients, smoking cessation via medical hypnosis can be accomplished in 3 sessions: an initial session, a 7-day follow-up and a final 3-week follow-up.  Most patients are very happy with the permanent results as in the process, they become empowered with great self-control skills, which they can use in many areas of daily life.  For more information, go to American Hypnosis Association.  When you are ready to make a commitment, call our office to make an appointment, which should be the first day without ever smoking again.  Please note that the results are not being hereby guaranteed and vary for different individuals.

Cold Sores

These unpleasant sores on the lips and around the mouth are a manifestation of human herpes virus 1.  In our integrative practice, we resent treatment with Valtrex.  Instead, for the acute cases of cold sores, we recommend Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) treatment accompanied by targeted organic vegan supplements or herbs.  For the prevention of cold sores we use the same approach as above, coupled with the proper diet and lifestyle modifications.

Common Cold

These common viral infections are often preventable.  When you come in for your yearly integrative checkup, we make a plan and put together a holistic ‘prescription’ for keeping your immune system nice and strong for the entire year.  If you happen to be someone who has never been our patient and come in for your first visit with a common cold, we will equip with the sound natural  ‘prescription’ of what to do: gargles, lozenges, syrups, foods to eat or avoid, breathing exercises to do and inhalations, self-massage techniques, or cupping among other holistic advices.   What we are not going to do is to prescribe unnecessary antibiotics and over the counter aids like Dayquil or Nyquil as all of these, in my opinion, are useless and sometimes dangerous treatments for viral common colds.


Can be a lifelong condition and the best way to assess a chronic or an acute constipation is through a 360 degrees integrative physical exam.  During an Integrative Exam, we conduct a western assessment, using all the quantifiable data about your body, from the physical exam, blood, and stool studies, and an eastern assessment of your invisible energetic constitution and Ayurvedic body typing.  What you are not going to receive is a prescription for the medication, which will make you dependent and can cause complications.  What you are most likely to walk away with is a sound nutritional advice, an exercise advice, a lifestyle modification, a temporary herbal ayurvedic organic remedy, and a massage therapy regimen.


Is a generic symptom of hundreds of various diseases.  It can be a manifestion of an infectious disease, or a sign of a severe post-nasal drip.  Cough could also result from an ongoing GERD (gastro-esophageal acid reflux disease) or it could be a sign of atypical asthma.  Whatever the cause may be, you will do yourself a favor by not googling the cough and self-diagnosing your cough.  Instead, you should see an Integrative doctor, who can combine the Western diagnostics with the Eastern Mind-Body assessment, to arrive at a holistic diagnosis and treatment of your cough.  Remember, dealing with a naturopathic doctor, can result in missing life-threatening diseases like Tuberculosis, Walking Pneumonias, and Lung Cancer.  By the same token, dealing with a traditional non-integrative physician, can result in unnecessary prescriptions a cookie-cutter approach to what can be a complex mind-body condition.


Can be a disabling condition for so many otherwise healthy and functional people.  It can start with a mild condition and many people will often be in dial at this point.  Patients will frequently see the doctor for a moderate type of depression which is starting to interfere with their daily life at home or at work.  Unfortunately, more often than not, if you are examined by the mainstream primary care doctor or a psycho pharmacologist, you will most likely walk away with a life-long prescription medication, and will be making big bugs for the Big Pharma with your depression and for those who have to see you on the regular basis to prescribe this “band-aid” treatment for you.

If you are not lazy, if you respect yourself and if you believe that you have been born with all the necessary tools for self-healing, but just need some professional guidance, you will find a good Integrative doctor who will conduct a 360 degree assessment of your Mind-Body.  The Western diagnostic tools will help to rule out the quantifiable physiologic disease that may be underlying your depression, such as hypothyroidism for example, or a severe vitamin D deficiency.  The Eastern diagnostic and healing tools will then go to work to treat your depression naturally.

In our Integrative practice we put together a unique healing protocol for every depressed patient, which may include Medical Hypnosis, Meditative Visualization, Pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) with biofeedback, Ayurvedic organic herbal remedies or supplements, medical massage or detoxification regimen.  If you are already on a prescription medication for a mild or moderate depression but feel trapped by it and yearn for a holistic alternative, do not panic.  There is still plenty of opportunity for me to get you weaned off the prescription medication and address your ailment from the Integrative standpoint.


Digestive Disorders


Gluten Sensitivity


Acute and Chronic Infections

Insomnia & Sleep Disorders

Mercury & Heavy Metal Toxicity

Metabolic Syndrome & Insulin Resistance

Migraines & Headaches

Skin Disorders

Stress-related conditions

Thyroid, Adrenal, & Other Hormonal Disorders

Weight or Metabolism Concerns