Functional / Holistic Physicals are available for either preventive or sick visit purposes. These physicals combine Eastern and Western medical protocols. Research shows that Mind and Body are connected. That is why I feel that addressing both is the most complete way to assess health or disease. I use my unique protocol which includes a thorough head to toe examination, including the health of the client’s nails, skin, hair, oral cavity, etc. Holistic approach to Medicine is a truly complete approach to treatment of disease or wellness maintenance, because it fuses eastern (spirit/energy/mind) and western (body) medicine. This field of Functional Medicine is ever evolving and focuses on the intricate interplay of the systems.  There are many prominent physicians who spearheaded the whole systems approach in medicine, such as: Jeff Bland, Mark Hyman, Andrew Weil, and Deepak Chopra.

Many patients ask me: if functional/ holistic medicine is so great, does that mean that conventional allopathic Western medicine is inadequate? And the answer is ‘No’. With my 25 years  of clinical experience with Functional and Conventional medicine, each one has its own merit, but neither one is complete without the other.  Our medical schools have just started to introduce the concepts of Functional Medicine Curriculum to their students, but this education process is still in its beginning stages.  Most Functional Physicians today have learned the art of Functional Medicine by spending hundreds of hours of independent education time after work, thanks to the visionary institutions like the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM).