I believe that we are beings of energy. On the smaller-than-microscopic level we all consist of particles that vibrate. Different organs and sets of cells, such as immune cells, are vibrating at their unique and particular range of frequencies. The body is generating electromagnetic and other fields around itself, some of which are commonly called aura and others are called biofields. When our internal electric currents, generated by our neurotransmitters’ and peptides’ biochemistry go haywire, the diseases start setting in.

Our frequencies get thrown off by severe environmental pollution that we are all exposed to. For example, we are all exposed to electromagnetic fields generated by our cell phones, electric appliances and other ‘wonderful’ sources of technology in our lives. This environmental pollution can cause or exacerbate a vibration deficiency in our organs and their cells. There are several technologies on the holistic energy treatment market, which are capable of tuning up/correcting the disturbed vibrational frequencies.  After a thorough due diligence research, I have chosen one such technology called Ondamed.  You can read about it on the manufacturer’s website https://ondamed.net/us/

Ondamed is a Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) device with capability to tackle many chronic disorders from depression and fibromyalgia to insomnia and chronic fatigue syndrome. I have also successfully improved the condition of Parkinson’s patients, persisting Lyme disease patients, Irritable Bowel Syndrome patients and chronic pain sufferers, to mention a few.  Ask  me if your condition is amenable to treatment with PEMF.