Have you been feeling a little less than your usual self lately? You aren’t exactly under the weather, but you know that something isn’t quite right with your body? If so, you may be dealing with heavy metal toxicity. When the body is overburdened with heavy metals, it can’t function properly and it will tell you that something is wrong in a variety of ways. This is why it is so important to trust your gut-feeling because no one knows your own body the way you do! Luckily, a simple heavy metal detox will help to rid you of your symptoms and get you back to feeling more like your whole self again. Without further ado, here are some signs that may mean you need heavy metal detox.

Loss of Memory and Brain Fog

Are you having trouble remembering things? Often times, forgetfulness is thought to just be a sign of aging, but actually it may mean you are overburdened with metals. “Brain fog” is also a very common symptom of those with too many heavy metals. This experience is more simply described as not being able to think clearly or process your thoughts and words at the same level or speed as you normally do.

Chronic Pain and Extreme Fatigue

Chronic pain can come out of nowhere and when it does, it could very likely be a direct result of heavy metal toxicity. This includes muscle and joint pain, as well as muscle spasms or tremors anywhere in the body. Even tingling in the extremities can be a very telling sign that something is wrong. Chronic pain and extreme fatigue tend to go hand-in-hand, particularly when the body has too many heavy metals to deal with.

Chemical Sensitivities and Alcohol Intolerance

Have you noticed that you are more sensitive to smells, smoke, and perfume than you use to be? Developing chemical sensitivities is typically a result of the body being too overburdened with heavy metals to detox all of it on it’s own. Many of those who have chemical sensitivities are also alcohol intolerant as well, because too many metals to detox means your body is also incapable of processing alcohol.

Noticeable Changes In Your Oral Health

If your teeth have become more sensitive and your gums are sore and receding, it’s likely from the metals in your body. Other oral health changes to look for include a coated rather than pink tongue, small black spots on your gums, and a metallic taste in your mouth.

Changes In Your Mood

If you are finding yourself unusually depressed, lingering heavy metals in your body may be the culprit! Mood swings, anxiety and irritability are also common signs that your body needs some extra help with detoxing metals. Since mood changes can be caused by the back up of metals, considering a heavy metal detox is a healthier alternative to going the prescription medication route.

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