Did you know that now you can experience the benefit of a complete mind-body integrative assessment in the privacy of your home?
This revolutionary service is being brought to you by a Board-Certified physician, Dr. Svetlana Kogan, M.D.
Using a secure, HIPPAA –compliant internet platform called eVisit, Dr. Kogan will conduct a virtual integrative visit with you, using the best of what eastern and western medical philosophies have to offer. Even your blood tests can be analyzed this way, and you can receive a 360 degree view of what should be your optimal diet, lifestyle, supplements, and even types of exercise.
Dr. Kogan gets down to the nitty-gritty details of your mind-body wellness. What she does may seem outlandish to a patient inexperienced in Eastern healing techniques: like when she discusses your dreams with you, or what colors you like to wear. She wants to see the whole pictures when it comes to your health.
In addition to fixing your problem of the day, like anxiety or insomnia, she may teach you meditative techniques, self-hypnosis, yoga postures, and even yogic breathing. And of course, being a licensed physician, Dr. Kogan can prescribe whatever medication you need to have refilled, except controlled substances.
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