Everyone seems to be aware of the growing obesity problem in the United States today. Unfortunately, as the pounds add up, so does the likelihood of developing cancer, stroke, Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and other serious medical conditions. Not to mention the fact that being overweight can knock up to nine years off of your average life expectancy! What many people aren’t aware of however, is that hypnotherapy is one of the most effective treatments for weight loss. Whether you are an emotional eater or are unconsciously, a daily food grazer, hypnotherapy is your answer to both losing the weight and fixing the source of the problem.

Managing Your Weight

With hypnosis, weight management is much easier on the patient than traditional weight loss methods. It gives you the opportunity to achieve your goal weight, but without feeling deprived. Not only that, but by using hypnotherapy to help you attain a healthy weight, you end up developing healthier habits overall. You will find that your eating, drinking, and exercising routine falls into place, which means that you won’t only lose the weight, but you’ll keep it off for good!

Will It Work For Me?

Hypnotherapy works on virtually everyone, so long as you are fully willing to be hypnotized. Generally, patients are unable to feel any difference between feeling relaxed and being under hypnosis. Some patients do claim to feel a little sleepy or lethargic during their sessions however. Typically, the patient notices a change in their daily behavior rather quickly, particularly in comparison to other weight loss methods.

How It Works

When it comes to the mind, we work on two levels; the unconscious and the conscious. On our conscious level, we are aware of the decisions and choices we make, while the unconscious part of our mind controls habits. When we are hypnotized however, we reach a relaxed state, referred to as hypnosis. It is through hypnosis that we can directly communicate with the unconscious mind, making it simple and fast to effectively correct a lifetime of bad habits in just a few sessions.

Why It Works

Hypnotherapy approaches the root of your problem, rather than just the physical symptoms. Unlike doing a diet to lose weight, hypnosis addresses the emotional factor connected with your overeating habits. It often frees the patient of having to keep up with expensive prescription drug costs or having to turn to drastic procedures such as gastric lap bands or surgery. Hypnotherapy helps you to permanently change the way you think, feel, and interact with food, which is why it ultimately is the most effective and safe way of losing weight.

Dr. Svetlana Kogan’s Comments

I am currently writing a book about weight loss, and hypnotherapy will be highlighted as one of the key features of mind-body reinvention, as far as food intake is concerned.  Hypnotherapy is easy, fun, and patients love it.  They all walk out of my office with some “homework” and when we meet for follow-up sessions, they report that not only their eating habits are becoming healthy and sound but also their entire life feels like it is being revamped for the better.”