When you’re looking to lose weight, trying to figure out where to start can be a daunting task. There are so many diets out there that it’s hard to decide which weight loss path is best to venture down. If you aren’t sure where to start or you just want to try and eat a little lighter, you might want to consider swapping out recipe items. We have a few recipe replacements for you to try out in your favorite dishes, so you can start shedding the pounds! Don’t worry, we promise that these healthy recipe replacements are equally as yummy as their calorie-filled counterparts!

Mashed Avocado Instead Of Mayo

Right from the get go, mayonnaise is a processed food with many unnecessary additives, preservatives, and sugar. Avocado is natural and pure and when you mash it yourself, you know there aren’t any extra ingredients added that might be harmful to your health. In terms of overall nutrition, mayo has very little to offer, while avocados have lots of vitamins and nutrients like folate, B6, fiber, and vitamins C and K. While both mayo and avocado have saturated fat, avocado’s fat is the “good for you” kind that’s been shown to lower your bad cholesterol.

Quinoa Instead Of White Rice

This one is a total no brainer! Besides having 100% more protein and 150% more fiber than white rice, quinoa also takes a lot less time and care to cook. In comparison to rice, quinoa has much more protein, making it a less heavy, carbohydrate option to add to your next meal. Plus using quinoa gives you so many more recipe options because it goes great as a salad or side dish and takes on the flavor of whatever you add to it!

Fruit Water Instead Of Fruit Juice

Hydration is important, especially during summer months and this is where fruit water really shines! Fruit juice does not have the same hydration ability as fruit water because you can’t keep drinking it all day long. Not to mention the fact that fruit juice has far more natural sugar and calories since you are still consuming the actual fruit, just in juice form. With fruit water, you are using a small amount of fruit and the amount of fruit stays in tact and uneaten. Fruit water will also work to help you flush toxins out of your system, no matter where you are on your weight loss journey!

Greek Yogurt Instead Of Sour Cream

When you replace your sour cream with plain greek yogurt, you will surprisingly not be able to tell that you even made the switch! Greek yogurt has nearly three-times the protein of sour cream and half the calories. While they both boast vitamin B12 and calcium, greek yogurt contains a significantly higher amount. Due to these nutritional properties, greek yogurt delivers a lean protein source which actually works to curb your total calorie consumption by making you feel fuller, faster.

Dr. Kogan advises: “And remember: whatever food replacements you choose to incorporate into your diet – watch the portions. Most women and men can gauge the size of the portion they need, by looking at the palm of their hand.  The meal should visually fit the size of the palm.”