Chronic Fatigue – Part 2

So, how do I, a healthy person become fatigued? Well, first of all, I should ask myself a question: what am I? On one, microscopic level, I am a collection of around 37 trillion cells. Cells are made up of mostly…WATER! In fact, lung cells are about 83% water, kidney cells are about 79% water, and brain and heart cells are about 75% water.

There are things which can destroy water structure and therefore impair cellular function. We wanna stay away from those things. What are they?

  1. Any kind of cacophonous music, full of dissonant chords ( I am sorry if I am offending anyone, but to me personally the example would be heavy metal music).
  2. Any kind of negative verbal/spoken word, such as: “Fool!” “I hate you!” “You disgust me!” “Evil!”
  3. Any kind of negative thoughts which can reflect the same sentiment as the spoken words had. The example would be a “friends” who is jealous of your success or a boss who does not like you and secretly wants you to fail, or a negative though which arises in your own mind after reading something or watching something on the news.

Research by a Japanese scientist Dr.Masaru Emoto revealed that water crystals are damaged by certain types of music, sounds, spoken negatives words and even thoughts. Alternatively, Dr.Emoto demonstrated the healing power of beautiful classical music, kind and loving spoken words and affectionate thoughts on the structure of water.

So, try to avoid the “emotional vampires” as much as possible. They make you fatigued by destroying cellular water integrity. If you are exposed to these negative sounds or emotions/thoughts every day – the lack of energy becomes cumulative and difficult to heal. Watch a short You Tube video and subscribe to stay tuned for more holistic tips on how to combat chronic fatigue.