As we have mentioned in the previous episode, it would be smart to remove the negatives from our lives as much as possible. Avoid listening to disturbing music, news, construction noise and other irrelevant cacophonous sounds. Limit your time with people who are emotional vampires. But what are the easy to do POSITIVE tips that can help to revive your energy level?

TIP#1: Have a glass of BLESSED water every morning. Prepare room temperature, silver container filled with water the night before. If you don’t have a silver container, just submerge a clean silver spoon into the container filled with drinking water. Silver has well -documented cleansing and anti-inflammatory properties which are such a bonus when you are hydrating yourself. Upon awakening in the morning pour a glass of water and, while sitting down, say a blessing out loud, or if you don’t feel like talking just focus and think very loving thoughts towards water, while looking at it. Your blessing can be your favorite religious or spiritual prayer or simply words of affection. Whatever you say or think, make sure you do it from your heart. Then drink your glass of water slowly, with small gulps. Savor the way you feel when it cleanses your mouth and pours down your digestive system. Let the water structure enhance and fill over 70% of you with good vibrations and energy.

You can bless any and all of your meals, if you have time and the right intention. Your food is mostly water anyway. For more information on water research check out my previous blog posts, YouTube videos, and Dr.Masaru Emoto’s books. To your health!