When a person is exposed to repetitive multiple sources of high frequency electromagnetic fields, their normal cellular processes are disrupted. – Dr. Kogan M.D.


Let’s talk about today’s environment and its effect on our health. We have all heard about pesticides in our produce, hormones in our meat and mercury in our fish. The assault that gets much less publicity than all other “environmental evils” is exposure to electromagnetic radiation. Yet, this culprit affects all of us in a major way. How?

It’s 360 degrees of exposure every day of our lives. Some of the machines, which emit these dangerous waves, are cell phones, hand-held phones, computers, TV’s, radios and microwaves.

Having said that, it may come as a suprise for most of you, that every living cell of every organ in your body has its own unique electromagnetic imprint. Yes, that’s right – your brain cells emit certain kinds of frequencies, your heart cells emit another kind, and your bone cells emit yet another kind. All of these physiological frequencies are very low.

When a person is exposed to repetitive multiple sources of high frequency electromagnetic fields, their normal cellular processes are disrupted. What happens then? Well, for different folks, different symptoms will begin¬†surfacing. Some may start suffering from a lack of energy. Some cannot fall or stay asleep. Some start suffering from back pain or migraines. Some get depressed. Most educated people today don’t want a quick fix. They don’t want medication for the symptoms. They want to treat the root of the problem. That’s great. But how do you treat exposure to an everyday ubiquitous electromagnetic radiation? How do you get detoxed from the electromagnetic poisoning?

Is is unrealistic of me to ask you to drop your cell phones and not watch you favorite TV shows. And to step away from your computers? “Now, that’s scary Dr. Krogan. You are pushing the envelope here.”

Well, here is the great news. If your doctor is a savvy holistic practitioner, she or he can really help. One of the most effective detox treatments utilizes an Ondamed technology, a machine that combines pulsed low electromagnetic fields with biofeedback.

For this panless non-invasive treatment, the patient sits or lies down comfortably, with a magnet applied to the neck area. The doctor “scans” the host with another magnetic applicator, while applying fields of different frequencies. Keeping a hand on your pulse, a skilled practitioner will be able to identify by the changes in your pulse, where the problemed areas are, and what frequencies need to be applied there to rebalance the distorted, “environmentally poisoned” field. Think of it as a mandatory tune up for your body. Pianos and cars need a tune up. You do too.

But Onamed treatments can be very effective in crisis as well. One of my patients was a 59 year old female pianist with a severe proximal humerus fracture (one of the worst kinds). She was reluctant to have surgery and was too depressed to even go for physical therapy. However, after 3 weeks of daily 45 minute Onamed sessions, she was able to stop wearing her sling, and in another 4 weeks, she was playing piano again.

Another rewarding experience was a case of a 28 year old female patient who came to my office complaining of chronic fatigue and muscle pains. An extensive diangnotic testing did not reveal anything abnormal neither anatomically nor blood-wise. We have conducted 12 Onamed sessions over the course of two months, after which she felt healthy enough to start her first year as a medical student.

Onamed treatments are not a “cure it all panacea,” but they do represent a very sophisticated and effective solution for people suffering from environmental toxicity – which is really all of us New Yorkers. So, don’t lose your heart – reach out for help.

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