Here is a common “bouquet” of symptoms, associated with excessively elevated cortisol:
-I have difficulty falling asleep AND/OR wake up many times during the night.
-I can’t handle pressure at home or at work – stress just drives me crazy!
-I feel cranky and dissatisfied most of the time.
-I am tired but feel compelled to work more.
-I crave sugar and sweets.
-I have more belly fat than I should.

Your symptoms MAY be caused by excessively high cortisol levels.  You can ask your doctor to confirm this with a thorough saliva testing.  Cortisol is a complicated hormone.  When we have too little of it, we also feel very tired and burnt out, have low blood pressure, and weakened immune system.  So, it becomes clear that that we need cortisol – it’s just that we need the perfect amount of it during certain times of the day – not too much and not too little.

Your body in its infinite wisdom, will know how to keep its cortisol production balanced.  However, I consider the following general recommendations to be very helpful in creating an optimal milieu for your Mind-Body:

-Minimize alcohol and caffeine

-Learn balancing breathing techniques and physical exercises

-Dump energy drinks and any soda

-Have monthly hypnosis or guided meditation sessions with a trusted holistic practitioner, and practice self-hypnosis or meditation at home daily.

-Consider taking a brief trial of phosphatidylserine, ashwagandha, and rhodiola, under the guidance of your holistic practitioner.

-Add tauine-rich foods to your diet, such as shellfish (especially scallops), dark organic chicken or turkey meat, and any smaller fish.

There are many different ways to  optimize cortisol levels.  It’s important not to look for a quick fix solution but rather to restructure different parts of your lifestyle to make your a happier and more balanced person.  I would be happy to embark on this journey with you in person or via virtual eVisits available on my professional website.

To your health,