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I love it when editors who are writing articles about healthy living and good food reach out to me for advice – this way I can spread the word beyond our office – to the entire world.  When asked about my favorite healthy lunches by SpaWeek, I honestly could not make up my mind for several days – after all, there are so many wonderful healthy things to eat out there – so hard to choose just a few!  I eventually settled on these awesome lunches:

  1. Tilapia with Veggies – easy to cook and I go to Costco every 3 weeks or so, to get well-priced tilapia which I freeze until whenever I want to grill or bake it with organic veggies from Wholefoods.
  2. Tofu and Broccoli Stir-Fry – this gets cooked whenever I feel like vegan but especially in the winter – there is something about savoring  that organic stir-fried tofu which makes me feel warm inside out.
  3. Grilled Chicken and Vegetables – this would be any guys’s favorite – easy to make and low on cholesterol, you can use whatever contorni (sides) you like: asparagus or roasted peppers, or grilled eggplant, or whatever else you prefer.
  4. Grilled Turkey Salad with whatever dressing you like.  Basic oil and vinegar is always my preference but I went fancy for Spaweek and gave them a Dijon dressing recipe.
  5. Toasted Bread with Avocado Spread – Instead of Ezekiel you could use any sprouted breads.  Look for them in the freezers in Wholefoods, Publix, Walmart, and wherever else you can find them.  This is great if you are pressed for time.

You can read the entire article on the SpaWeek Blog website here.

I encourage you to cook your lunch the night before and package it into a glass or ceramic container to take to work with you in the morning.  This way you are in control of what goes into your meal and how much of it you are apportioning to take with you.  The pick above is for roasted lamb chops with veggies – it was cooked for dinner by a friend about a year ago and I though it was so pretty I had to take a photo of it.  Here is to visually scrumptious and healthy meals!